Convert celsius to fahrenheit


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Since i cant use fractions or decimal in the picaxe system, i can only get accuracy of +-5 degrees. the original formula i am using is F= 1.8 * C + 32

Withouth decimal use, I rounded up to F= 2 * C + 32

Does anyone have an idea for rewriting this in a way I can use? Preferrably with a resolution within one degree Fahrenheit?


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We also drive on the wrong side of the road - and the chicken crossed to the wrong side as well... :) My annoyance with C is simply the coarseness of the interval - if the C deg was set to 0 to 512 [at water boil] I'd be very happy with integer math - anyhow standards are useful especially if we agree on what they are... and the conversion factors... I had a neighbor with an USA car and GO METRIC bumper sticker - we seem to be able to contain many viewpoints at once... and you can never have too many thermometers or standards... :)


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we seem to be able to contain many viewpoints at once

The amusing one to me is wood and timber, 2.4m of 4" x 4", and I'm often bemused by the use of decimal points within imperial measurements.

It depends a lot on what one is brought up with; I weigh myself in kilo but cannot at all comprehend my height in metres, am flumoxed by load bearing floors as "kN per m2", and will have no idea how I'll cope with lumens now Watts are being abandoned for light bulbs.


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Lumens within reason

You can ask Stan to convert the floor loading - on the watts and lumens - I haven't
heard that watts are being abandoned for lumen only - they are two different animals - Ideally you want more lumens [a light output] for less watts [a power input measure]. Then, as I'm a long time member of the International Dark Sky Association [], I suggest that you use your lumens respectfully to the world around you :)