connecting to Smart Cards


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Could a picaxe and a keypad be interfaced with
a smartcard to store data ? Like I found a site with smartcard connectors -->

I noticed elwhere that usb stick is possible. So just was curious about the card.


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The answer is probably yes, but it depends upon what exactly the "Smart Card" is. Simple cards are no more complex than I2C Eeprom in a flat-pack. Those which are PICmicro/AVR + I2C Eeprom will either need programming with a suitable interface between PICAXE and embedded Eeprom or any pre-programmed protocol would need to be implemented. Smarter cards have a simple low-level interface but a more complex higher level protocol and a 'file system' of sorts.


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Well, you should be able to read and write a simple EEPROM SmartCard through I2C. I wanted to do this but I didn't find the time to play around.

There is a similar project here that read smartcards <A href='' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a>. Maybe that will give you some hints.


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you need to be carefull with them some can be just an i2c eeprom, but there are some with a pic or an avr inside as well then you have some that just shift out a 128bit or 256bit serial number