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Guys, I have looked through the 001 manual and am attempting to come out of the onboard 16 pin header into a seperate 40x1 that is on a custom made board.

I believe if i read it right that the pins i am interested (In terms of the output from the are pins 1,2,3,5

I have I2C comms working by forcefully reading the RTC and also updating the shared RAM - when i say forcefully i mean i am ignoring the RTS/CTS protocol (because i can not get it to work!!)

SO i think i have pins 1 and 2 connected correctly because i am on the I2C bus.

When i raise pin 3 high (which i have connected to Output 3 on the Picaxe for testing purposes - i never see PIN 5 (which i have connected to Input 0 go high, so i continually sit there and wait).

If i remove the wait for the high and just start using the bus then it is all OK.

I am using the default pages that were supplied with the and have not performed any downloads yet.

SO my question is - do i have the right pinouts for the .net ?? Should i be looking at 3 and 5 on the 16 way connector (looking from left to right) as being the RTS/CTS pair ?

It would help if the diagram of the connector in NET001 were labelled as to which way round it is. In my notes I have it labelled as "component side", but I'm not convinced they're right still! I'll have to get my PNS out of its box to check.
If my notes are right, you've not got the right pins - but as you say the bus is working you probably have it right. As an extra check, why not look for 5V and GND on the connector? You could also toggle the output pins from the default web pages to check that you have located P0-P7 correctly.
Otherwise, it sounds like you have the protocol right.


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Thanks Simon. Sound like you have been through where i am now. I was hoping technical was going to step up and give me a definitive.

I will try your suggestions to narrow it down



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See page 15 of the net001.pdf datasheet. It shows the connector pinout as to be placed on your third party project board, as viewed from above.

Note that pinout depends upon you using the IDC interconnect cable as supplied in the starter pack. It is possible to 'reverse' IDC connectors at each end of the cable if making your own cable (ie pin1-16 instead of 1-1), so we would suggest sticking to the standard layout.

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Technical, That was the crux of my question -is the diagram as given on Page 15 viewing from the .NET end or the Picaxe end ?