Components out of limits


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Hi All

Just a quick question about VSM. I have had a better chance to use it now and getting to know it much better.

One thing I wondered, coming from a different simulation package, is does VSM notify you if you are pushing a component beyond it's design limits. On my previous package if I put too much voltage or current through a component, then the component would show as destroyed on screen.

Today I tried a simple test by using a 15v power supple, a 1 ohm 1/4 watt resistor and just put the resistor between the positive and negative. This simulated putting 15amps or 225 watts through the resistor. In real life the resistor would have fried almost instantaneously but VSM let the circuit run quite happily without any warning or visual reference. I just wondered if there was a setting somewhere that enabled a feature where it flags up that this obviously won't work.

I know you wouldn't do this in real life but it's an excellent feature that I am used to on my previous software package that alerts you if you have mis calculated something before you burn out something on the real circuit board.


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SPICE is often used to model circuits at operating limits, so no things don't 'explode' as modelling outside normal limits is actually often a useful tool.

The best approach to watch for limits is to drop current/voltage probes at will and watch their values, don't forget to turn them on in System>Set Animation Options.