Completed Motorcycle turn signal cancellation unit.


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I have completed the unit and it appears to work well. I finally had to use a count method to watch the flasher module to get it to work.
The code isn't elegant but it is functional.

Here are all of the files in Eagle and the code file. I have routed the PCB's in several versions.
The one labeled the same as the schematic is a single sided board and requires 3 topside jumpers.
I also routed it with a solid copper pour ground plane and it is labeled as a xxxxxx_Pour.brd

The others are double sided and again one with a top and bottom pour ground plane.

I have it installed in my bike and it seems to suit me other than the Piezo which is a bit weak. I will ultimately change this out to a high side
FET switch to beep the horn instead.

I see I can not upload the files so I made a zip file and put it here:

I also did a short video of the unit working and put it on YouTube here:



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Turn Signal Cancellation Unit

Hi, I am an old newbee. Thanks to let me see your interesting project. Trying to
convert it for my RV turn signal reminder ( Ford Transit base, Italian make).
Old guys are sometimes hard to hear.:)