Codewheel Generator for Optical Encoders


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Howdy, Folks,

I've just released a freeware Win XP/Vista program that generates and prints codewheel images that you can use to build homebrew optical encoders.

I've included one wheel type that's of particular interest to folks here who are experimenting with robotics, motor positioning and control, and, for Wrenow, even gun turret positioning.

The Single Track with Index wheel lets you cobble a quick and dirty position sensor without any need for precision mechanical assembly. Design and print a codewheel, grab a couple of LEDs and phototransistors and your hot glue gun, and voila! one optical encoder.

You can find the program here:

I'm very grateful to our beloved moderator, Dippy, for his alpha and beta test assistance, putting up with my stupidity, his encouragement, diligent testing, excellent feedback, and his great ideas. Folks, this wouldn't be half the program it is without his hard work.

Have fun. I hope that the program will let you do something that you haven't been able to do before now.

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