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I found some picaxe code on line. It runs fine but there are lines going across the various sections of code. I am trying to write my code ahead of the borrowed code but
the picaxe ignores my code. I try to insert my code inside of the lines on the existing code but the existing code and its lines just move down. I can program the 08m2 just fine, but the program ignores my code?

I would appreciate an explanation as to how this works and how to change it.


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If these lines are after RETURN statements they may be Procedure Content Dividers. These are inserted after each RETURN command so, when scanning or scrolling down the code in the editor, it's easier to see where a procedure ends and something else starts.

They are purely cosmetic and don't appear in saved source code. Adding code will cause the lines to move about but the code shouldn't be ignored. If it is being ignored then the code is not being reached or is not being called.

You can turn the lines off by unticking the Options -> Editor -> Whitespace -> Display Procedure Content Dividers option.

If they are something else then a screen shot may help identify what they are. - Crossposted with w0es doing exactly that !


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here is a screen shot
Thanks very much, you fixed a problem I have been pulling my hair out trying to fix. Going to options and following your advice did it.

This is the best site n the internet! A bunch of great guys, thanks very much.