Code for using all 8 lines to LCD to display text and numerical data

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This is my first post, so I hope I'm doing this right. I used a longer version of this snippet to put text on the
first line of the display and variable numerical data in the second line of the display, for a Geiger counter I built.
This snippet uses all eight data lines of the display.
I used an 8 character, 2 line display, although a 16 character 2 line display's can be used too. There is also an example of parsing the numerical data so it can be sent to the display. There maybe an easier way of doing this, but most postings are for either serial, or 4 bit banging data transmission, so I thought someone might be interested in doing it this way. I used a 20M2.
The text characters are stored in memory, then called up one character at a time and sent to the display's 1st line. The numerical data, is a variable and is parsed and then sent out to the display's 2nd line, one digit at a time. I have not
tried getting text and variable data onto one line of the display, using this method.
The program is commented.