Christmas Lights 2018


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I am a bit late posting this. Happy new year to all picaxes.

This is my display for Christmas 2018
Most of the carnival is powered by multiple picaxe chips ranging from 08ms to 28x2s powering motors, servos and LED lights.
Several displays I had to use PIC32MX170s and 470s were picaxe could not handle the logic required i.e the 64 * 32 RGB LED matrix display, 3.5in LCD displays
and WS2812 LED strips.



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Hi RNovember

A total for 27 picaxe chips and 15 pic32MX*** used in the carnival
This is a sample of the drive logic for the Drone.

Drone control..jpg


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The bear

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Hi Bill.b,
Brilliant, must have taken some serious working out.
Happy New Year to you too.



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Bill, It's a great project, and we're doing something similar. We plan to use WS2815 led strip. Somone said it was an upgraded version of WS2812B. But its working voltage is DC12V. We are not sure if it can work with PIC 32MX170s.