Check syntax/simulation error


I have a simple blockly program which throws up errors when I try to run a simulation or check syntax. See attached screen grabs about missing files. I have tried all the usual (reboot PC and uninstall/reinstall PICAXE editor).

My workaround is to convert to BASIC which allows me to work without errors (check syntax, simulate and download).

I'm sure that there is a simple answer to this which someone will know.

Cheers Terry

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Technical Support
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The missing files are just temporary filenamess (the blockly is converted to temporary basic file for compilation). This is unusual - something external to the PE6 software is preventing the temporary files being saved.


Thanks Technical. That's given me something to chase. I have been using an old workspace for a new project although it is as you say, likely to be something associated with Dropbox or Google Drive. I am, however, able to convert the file to BASIC and from there Simulate and download to a PICAXE without a problem.

cheers Terry