Cheap LASERs at DX


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Thanks for the heads up, been meaning to do another DX order. Wonder what I could do with 18 lasers, attach them to 18 toy sharks?

If they run out of just the lasers then you can always get some with SpongeBob SquarePants keyring lights:

Oh, look where they put the bulb... :eek:


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Yep - they good deals, sadly I cannot get them in Australia as customs has forbidden the import of laser modules over 1mw for fear that we can burn planes out of the sky.

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I assumed they were 1mW. Can't quite tell from the DX page. I've ordered some and will get back to you on that. (If I can remember by the time they arrive).


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John West

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Those look identical to the 1mW LASER's I've purchased elsewhere in the past.

Kinda junky, with some of them noticeably dimmer than others, (or dead,) and few with anything like a good tight beam. But they were cheap ($1 US each,) and the best of the lot did work well for long range LASER communications work. Can't beat the price, for something most of us are going to tear apart to use for other purposes (than to cause planes to fall from the sky.)

I do wish I could purchase that 220 mW LASER they advertise, for my communications experiments, but the US government doesn't allow me to purchase them. I'm not to be trusted with one.

I can only buy high-power firearms with high-capacity magazines, and thousands of rounds of ammunition, and parade around with them in public. Those I can buy 'til I'm flat broke. A quarter Watt LASER though, that's something a 60 year-old electronics tech is not to be trusted with. Sigh.
(End of rant.)
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