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Bummer you can't really take advantage of this on picaxe, well you sort of can on 08m but 5 ports controlling 20 led's that would be cool.
Are we celebrating the anniversary of that teeth-grinding post by 'useless'.

Almost exactly a year ago and on the same subject.

Have search jmumby....


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On the 18X, you have to poke the shadow register ($AE) to set direction and then control the pins by poking PORTB SFR ( $06 ).

Details and examples - <A href=';forum_id=29&amp;Topic_Title=Bi%252DDirectional%2BI%252FO%2Bon%2BPICAXE%252D18X&amp;forum_title=No+new+posts+please%21+21' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a>