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i everyone,
I attempted to log in with my username, and failed, hence I used my email address. It appears that my username has changed from 'kevrus' to 'krevrus'. I have never used 'krevrus' and looking at previous posts, (admittedly from a few years ago), it can be seen that others have used 'kevrus' in their communications.
Any ideas how/why this happened?


Technical Support
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Not sure how that happened. There was no "kevrus" registered so we have changed your username to that.

It would be an odd thing for the forum software to have decided to make that change all by itself. The only thing I can think is one of the administrators had cause to change something on your account, maybe a password or email change, and the username somehow ended up with an extra character added into it. Please accept our apologies if something like that happened.

You should now be able to login with your "kevrus" username. If you have any problems just let us know and we'll look into it.