CGI Script example


Could you post a simple CGI script that runs on the Net Server? I am a programer and would be interested in its format.

P.S., can you cod PERL as a scripting languages


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CGI Scripts are really just HTML files with a .CGI extension, and any '?nn' occurances are expanded ( and can be formatted ) to whatever data the PNS holds for the referenced variables. The NET001.PDF is the best place to start.

You can use '?nn' references as arguments to JavaScript functions, so you can do further processing on that data within the browser once the page has been downloaded.

Because Perl is 'server-side scripting', it can't be executed on the PNS itself, but a returned page could probably be used to invoke a script which is served from another non-PNS server.


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Have a look at the sample cgi files in the /net sub-folder of the Programming Editor (4.1.16 or later). Also the net001.pdf datasheet as Hippy point sout.