Can't download to a 40X2 via PNS


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Although the datasheet states that I should be able to download to a 40X2, my PE (5.5.6 and earlier tried) declines and says I can't as it only supports download to 28X/40X. I can't fool it by pretending I have a 40X as it won't parse.

I was rather relying on this to simplify the project I am working on.



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I realise that there may be no solution to this but could Technical confirm that this is either a user error or a product issue, to save me and perhaps others wasting time on it? And if the latter, perhaps edit the datasheet.


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Apologies for having not seen your post earlier. I don't have an answer but will pass your question on and get one.


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It looks to be a datasheet error, that part has only ever supported 28X/40X. We can supply you a 40X if that helps. Sorry for any confusion.


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Thanks guys. I will see what the code differences are and if not too challenging to convert will go for the 40X. Updating the code and the web pages over the network will be pretty neat when I get it going. I did try the ERF download thing but there must be too much rf around here as it wasn't very reliable in the particular setup.

Well, downgrading isn't going to happen. Far too few of everything to fit in the code. And then the hardware to reconfigure.

Pity, this is a brilliant web interface for projects and with home automation now starting up in a serious way it is sad that one of the best user interfaces to a project is being obsoleted. As with everything Picaxe it is so much simpler than the alternatives (i.e. the Picdem board) with, crucially, dynamic pages.

I know it is expensive but I can't see any fundamental reason why that is - it doesn't need the lcd display to be built in, and it is 'only' a few chips and pre-existing code. I'm sure the hardware could be simplified. Putting the download code into a 40X2 would give it (or a V2) a new lease of life. And if there isn't room in the PIC18F45K22 you could always use an F46.
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