Can't download new program after setting setfreq M64


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Hi all,
I have a program that is working fine in my Picaxe 20x2 but I can't update the program any more. The picaxe won't take a new download.

After the setfreq M64 command, I immediately have a serrxd command.

I think what is happening is that the processor is working so fast that it gets to the serrxd command before it can see that the download pin is high.

I tried multiple times. Of course I tried hitting F5 THEN powering up the board, but this doesn't work either.

Any workaround on this? The next thing I'm thinking of trying is holding the download pin high with an external source while powering up?


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Problem solved!

I'm using an FTDI cable with 6 pins, and there was parasitic power keeping the picaxe alive, so it never went out of "waiting for serin command" mode.

It doesn't take much parasitic power to keep these guys going does it!