Can they be repaired?


This is what happens when your repair technician forgets his glasses and puts caps in the wrong way round...

Blown caps.jpg

Big smell, ears ringing and red face!

Phil bee

Yep, and the boss tends to be less than happy when you point out the hole in the celling tile as the cap tries for orbit.


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i have been lucky with not blowing any electrolytic caps....yet lol.

i did a good job with a soic 8 mosfet h bridge though, made some code changes and forgot to change one pin value in one place in the code, considering the datasheet says it was made with non flammable materials it certainly did a good job of flaming up and burning with a nice flame for a while, and with a couple of amps going through it the legs welded themselves to the pcb pads and seperated the copper tracks from the board, that was an experience lol


Hey Pete, how do you know? :)

Also it shows the extra hazard for axial caps on a PCB.
At least radials can blow out of their top cap pretty pattern.
It amused me how the guts emerged ike a banana.

Jeremy Harris

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Before they started putting the little impressed crosses on the top of radial can electrolytics to act as a safety valve, the party trick before leaving the electronics lab at uni used to be to wire a few backwards across the bench power supplies (which were all switched on by the master switch on the end of each bench row). This would be done with the power off, so the next set of students that came in and turned on the bench power would be greeted by loud pops and the little alloy cans flying around the room, accompanied by that nasty smell and bits of brown fluff.


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I dont think you have done electronics without distroying a few caps along the way.
One advantage is you know what failed.

Not like some posts, most of of us have managed to do it by mistake, followed closely by words in French we didnt even know we knew how to speak.

WHAT THE FRENCH WAS THAT!!!! ..... Whoops!!