Can Picaxe vsm be installed on 2 computers with the same license?


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Hello everyone

I work on on my desktop in my lab but also with my laptop. I will buy Picaxe Vsm but before i install the license, is it going to be limited to the first pc i install? Can i use it on both pc's without buying 2 licences?

I could not find info elsewhere regarding the license restrictions.


Hi Andre,

It might be worth your while to send the question directly to One thing that I feel should be mentioned, mainly because it is far from obvious at the outset, is that when you buy PICAXE VSM, it comes with v7.10 of Labcenter's tools. As far as Labcenter are concerned, this is an obsolete revision and is no longer supported. As I stated on the other thread, if PICAXE VSM meets all your requirements then this is not at all a problem; go ahead and buy with confidence. The libraries supplied are very extensive, and you can do an awful lot of designing with the kit provided, and the price, £60, really is rock bottom. I should make it plain that I am not in any way connected with either Revolution Education or Labcenter; I am simply expressing my opinion.

There are, however, a couple of things that you should be aware of when you do buy PICAXE VSM. Firstly, should you need to approach Labcenter for any reason, then because v7.10 of their tools is obsolete, there is a good chance that they may not be able to help you. Secondly, if you need capability beyond that of PICAXE VSM then a potential solution may be the purchasing of product direct from Labcenter, and that this will be v8 of Proteus. Although this is not directly compatible with v7, importantly all the models supplied with the v7 kit work just the same with v8, and it doesn't take too much work to get everything that ran in v7 running in v8.


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Thanks roho for info, i finally contacted Labcenter and they responded that VSM can be installed on many pc'S but one will run the license at a time. Yes VSM looks really solid for the price but so far i just have problems with it. The simulation is chaotic and the program sequence jumps everywhere without sense. I added new library models like instructions says for VSM version 7.1 but same results. Damn i should have bought Proteus instead of an obsolete VSM version?