Can I use RESET SWITCH as an ON/OFF switch?


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I wanted to use the reset pin as a ON/OFF switch for my program.
I tried using a latching switch. During the OFF condition, the reset pin is keep resetting until the switch (ON) is pressed. Then, the program does not reset anymore and I can start the program by pressing another switch.

However, I found out that both pull up and pull down switch with a momentary switch will be able to reset the program and it doesn't hold the reset pin.

Qn: Is it that the reset pin works only when pulse is send to it?
When does the reset pin works? high or low?



It will be reset when the pin is held LOW.
Not a good idea to use it as ON/OFF because you will not know what condition bi-directional outputs will be in.


I agree with BB. And I can't see that it's possible anyway. That pin does what it says on the tin i.e. Resets.
Time for you to read a PIC Data Sheet; search on 'MCLR' .... sorry to frighten you.

And, besides, why do you want to do this?
I cannot see any benefits - certainly there are no power saving benefits.

There are other ways to have ultra low power with a single ON button.

Tell us why you want to have the reset as on/off?