Can I do this?


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Hey guys,

I need to know if I can "changeover" a solenoid valve.

So I've got a keyswitch which is a changeover type, DPST, ie when in one state the other is off and vice versa. I also have a 24VAC adaptor which will be powering a solenoid valve. The valve has 2 controlers (lets call one controller A and the other one B), so what I want to do is use one or the other at any given time, that is isolate say B and use A and then by turning the keyswitch isolate A so that I can use B. Is this possible with AC? I planned that I would have neutral wired to both controllers and just switch the positive, again would this work?

Thanks for you help


At the end of the day, a switch does not care if it's AC or DC so there will be no problem as long as the valves are isolated from each other and the keyswitch does not have any common grounding or similar which might short out your controller.