Can I do something to repair a 28x2 ?


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Hi, it turns out that I have discovered that I have a 28x2 micro picaxe, which is not capable of activating a servo that is at the B0 output, if it does instead with the others. When I remove the micro and put another, it activates all the outputs, therefore it is the micro and not the board or the 4116R. Can i do something to repair it?
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Unfortunately it appears something within the 28X2 has been damaged and that is not repairable.

It may be possible to use it in other projects where the B.0 pin or B port is not used, but that can be risky because it is impossible to tell what internal damage has been done and that could give rise to incorrect operation and even total failure of the chip.


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Several years ago, I damaged a single pin on my only 14M when I doing some development on a breadboard. I was trying to drive a 12v fan via a transistor, using the one and only PWM pin. Not happy when I managed to poke one of the fan wires into the wrong hole in the breadboard. Of course, I didn't check my work well enough before applying power to the circuit. The chip continued to work fine apart from that one, much needed, pin. I have to assume that one or both of the internal push-pull FETs got zapped by 12 volts.