Bulk ordering preprogrammed PICAXE chips


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Hi All,

I am wondering is it possible to forward a program to the PICAXE store and have my program written to chips at that end prior to shipment?

When I say BULK, I am talking no less than x100 pcs. And maybe down the road as many as 100k pcs. per order.

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The topic of pre-programmed PICAXE chips in bulk has been discussed before.

I suggest that you contact Revolution Education (creators and sellers of the PICAXE) by email at:
orders @ picaxestore . com
(with no spaces in the email address)


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I believe we are still providing pre-programmed bulk order PICAXE chips. Contact "orders@picaxestore.com" as westaust55 suggests and they will be able to tell you the minimum order quantities and pricing.


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It's not cost effective to custom program a very small batch, say 100 parts, however when you get to larger batches (ideally in the thousands) then this is certainly possible.