Breadboarding Gizmo


This is a simple hardware device to plug a 20M2 into a standard breadboard with a power input wired to the chip and to each of the power bus side rails, a power indicator LED, PICAXE programming socket and an LED on the SEROUT line. I used a 3 pin header (RC servo format) for the power input as I'm doing a lot of RC work and have handy battery packs terminated this way - the 3 pin connector having the advantage of preventing application of reverse polarity. The long header pins that plug into the breadboard have been left sticking out above the PCB as test points.

This has been particularly useful for developing 08M2 projects where I've used the SERIN and SEROUT pins for other purposes resulting in the inability to print debug data to the terminal and to re-program the chip in situ. However, by assigning labels for the hardware functions of the pins it only takes moments to adapt a working 20M2 program to operate in the target hardware.

The PCB layout file (Sprint-Layout format) is free to download from my website.

I have small quantity prototypes made by the isolation milling process. There's a page about this technique on the site with contact details of a UK based guy who provides this service for single sided PCBs at £2 per 10 sq cm, post free - so this board works out at £6.