BOT120 PICAXE-20X2 Microbot


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We are pleased to announce the new PICAXE-20X2 Microbot is now available for purchase.

The PICAXE microbot system provides an exciting economical introduction to the world of robotics. The system can be fully customised by the end user, with the capacity to customise via different input sensors and output devices (in addition to the on-board motor/gearbox, LED and piezo outputs).

Microbot use a unique patented ‘microbric’ connector technology that means the robot can be easily reconfigured with use of just an allen key. The microbot chassis pack requires no soldering - just assemble the parts using the allen key supplied, insert the batteries and off you go!

Chassis set includes:
- PICAXE-20X2 based motherboard with battery holders and on/off switch
- 2 speed controlled gearbox / motors (with motor current feedback)
- 2 on-board LED ‘eyes’, on-board piezo sounder and push switch input
- 6 general purpose i/o connection points
- front bumper, line follower, microbric connectors and allen key
- connector PCBs for optional GBX013 servo and SRF005 ultrasonic sensor​

For further details please see the datasheet

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