BoB Jr.


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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share a picaxe project here. It's still a work in progress as I am still working on the programming, but I thought I'd share anyway. It's a Picaxe 20m2 powered biped, that is no taller than a AA battery.

I have to thank erco for his sweet servo code I borrowed from his awesome 20m2 robot arm project. Thanks man!

Here are some pictures and video, but check out my project page HERE for more detailed information and the code.


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Nicely done, James! Your bot is tiny and a real work of art. I'm not on LMR much, but in looking at your page, a lot of people were quite taken by the "Michael Jackson Dance Robot" from last March. Me too! I'll have to build one soon. Hope to see regular updates of your progress.

MJ bot:


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Thanks Texasclodhopper & erco!

After I get walking and turning down pat, I do plan on making BoB Jr. learn some dance moves =)

The bot dancing in that video is a re-mix of Kevin Bigani's BoB just as mine is... so it's kinda like an older half brother to my BoB Jr.