Blockly for the web. Proyect name on screen.


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Blockly for the web.
Could be possible to get the proyect name on screen?
When you work with many files it would be useful to have this information on screen.


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I will raise that request, and I think it may have been discussed in the past.

It would be possible to add one or more comment blocks to the program, which could hold not just the project name but describe what it does and other pertinent information.


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Hi All - these posts are from 2016 w.r.t. Blockly & Picaxe Cloud Computing & Projects.
I've only recently started using the web link ( to Picaxe Cloud,
creating projects and working through the 'Manual 5': A guide to using Blockly.....
My question is: While it is easy to create new projects, with menu options using: New, Save & Save As,
there are no Delete options for removing projects. How does one delete projects in Picaxe Cloud?