Bike light regulator


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Hi all

Finally; I've found some time to sit down and convert the theory to practice with regard to my pwm bike light regulator project. I'm making some good head way but need the info re for the poke command to slow down the clock so I can reduce the pwm frequency. Unfortunately the relevent post was in the temp forum and obviously it has since been removed. Can't remember who posted the info but any chance someone could post it again.

Sorry if it seems like I posted and ran last time, that's new babies for you. I will post my
results shortly.

Thanks in advance.



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Prescale PWM oscillator frequency:

POKE $12, $05 'provides a pre-scale of 1:4
POKE $12, $06 'provides a pre-scale of 1:16



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If you look at my post, there is a reference to that very project. That's where I got the poke from. Copied and pasted straight from the webpage under ‘spooky stuff’.