Best starter kit?


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Hi all,

Just wondering which starter kit to get. To this novice's eyes, the best value kit is the PICAXE-20 Starter Pack. I can solder fine.

I do not know what I want to do with Picaxe at this early stage. I have an Arduino starter kit here and would like to dabble with both.

What you you advise?




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The PICAXE-20 Starter Pack looks like an excellent choice. Not only can you program the 20M2 chip with that--it can also program the 08M2, the 14M2, and the 20X2--they all have the power and SERIN and SEROUT programming pins in the same place.

Note that you can start programming without having any hardware at all. You can download and install the free Program Editor 6 (PE6) software and write programs and simulate running them in the simulator. Some accessory hardware can also be simulated--for instance, 2-line and 4-line LCDs.

PE6 is available here


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Agree with Ibenson and add that 18 type chip does NOT have same pin layout... Also I built lots of simple 08M2 boards that are fine for lots of things - and got some small solderless boards and attached them to 3 AA switched battery boxes adding a few wires, .1uF cap and 2 resistors and 3 programming pins [can't find the picture - I posted before..]



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The PICAXE 20-pin Stater Pack is probably a good first choice, and as noted can be fitted with 08M2, 14M2, 20M2 and 20X2 chips as desired. The 20X2 is my personal favourite and preferred chip.


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I've used the AXE091 Development board for several years. Purchased a mixture of Picaxe chips and other components when needed. Found that it is very versatile and well documented product


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Thanks for all your posts.
@ jims You make me feel like a youngster again as I am only LX years old. I doff my hat to you sir.

Cheers es 73


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It's always better to age in hexadecimal (making me a mere 44). I started six years ago with the Picaxe 20-pin starter pack, having experimented with the program editor (PE5 in those days). I found it very easy to get started. I think the manual is essential - I have the pdf version open a lot of the time I am programming, as I find it easier to search and skim than the online version (even though the latter is more up-to-date).


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Thank you, JimS
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