Best Solder and flux to use


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A quick question please.

After 10 years of soldering i am about to run out of solder wire and flux.
For the wire I have been using 60/40 Lead, 22AWG (0.7mm) wire with flux inside (Roisin? the reel doesn't say).
For the the flux Ihave beenusing Roisin paste.

CLeaning the board from the rosin flux used to be a problem but I found a good technique and now I can get the boards spotless.

So I could buy the same but I thought I would ask for recommendations, since it is such a rare purchase.

I was thinking of going thinner (0.5 mm) this time to male it easier to solder small ICs, but what about the flux type? (I found a thread on the forum dealing mainly with wire alloys but no tmuch about flux). A search on RS presents a long list of flux types.

Colophony (Rosin) Free
Colophony Free- ORL0
Halide Activated Resin
Rosin Based
Water Soluble
Water Wash

Any recommendations please? What criteria do you use to make your choice?



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This is what I’ve used in mostly electronic repair businesses, but occasionally a manufactured product. Certainly good for hobby use.

P.S. These are a couple of spools I have in my toolbox; just in case.


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I was thinking of going thinner (0.5 mm) this time to male it easier to solder small ICs, but what about the flux type?
I have always used "MulticoreTM" solder, 5 core with flux, 1.2mm, have never used additional flux.

The problem I have with thinner solder is I just end up using more when soldering on strip-board and PCB's. Rarely using other than 0.1" pitch components I have never found any benefit with thinner.

If you do go for thin stuff I would therefore say you should consider thicker as well, 1.2mm.


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I agree with Hippy - I also use Multicore™ and have kept two sizes on my desk for the last few years (no idea what size - one thin, one thick!).
The thick one definitely becomes useful for anything over 3mm in size - like motor terminals, connectors, etc.

The only other thing I have is a soldering iron tip cleaner - can't remember the brand - flux and solder dust in a pot - which I only occasionally use to wet the tip of the iron. I tend to use a wet sponge more often than not - and the reason I know this is because I finally wore out the one that came with the soldering station a few weeks ago!


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I mostly use 22swg (0.7mm) Multicore™ and I have a lifetime supply :) It works well for me for 0.1" pitch and smaller. I do have some bigger sizes too but rarely need them.


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I like Ersin multicore .... 63/37 or 60/40 - haven't gone lead free... mostly smaller diameter - it's easier to not put on too much solder - fine solder and tip certainly help with SMD... I chase solder bridges with wooden toothpicks... [the smoking wood helps part the solder...].