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I started working on this robot about 3 months ago. It uses a RevEd Axe118 20M2 Project Board as the main controller. Another board, L293D handles the drive motor. Steering is done with a standard size servo and a smaller SG90 size rotates the Sharp IR Sensor. I made the sensor plug-in board from a Radio Shack perf board. There is also a rear wheel encoder wired in for future use.

I wanted speech capability so I bought a Tenda sound board. Adafruit was picked for an audio amplifier. The speaker was salvaged from an old desktop computer at work. Had to add the 08M Protoboard to control the Tenda as my servo's went nuts when I set the 20M2 freq to 8mhz. The 08M works fine controlling the Tenda, plays both music and recorded phrases. The only thing left is to figure out how to send a signal from my 20M2 to the 08M to tell it which phrase to playback as the robot makes its way to the kitchen.

The final application for this robot is in the title. It will start in my room, make its way to the kitchen, stop and shout for another beer. The can sets in the circular cutout, with a sensor to detect can in place. When a can is detected the bot turns and makes its way back to my room.

A lot of searches for a way to send a signal to another micro has not turned up much. If anyone knows of a post, point me there so I can get the next part of my bot going.



Sounds like a Robot with a purpose in life.

Sending a signal.

I've had great success signalling from 1 picaxe to another using dacout/daclevel at the sender, and readadc at the receiver.

You can send 32 different voltage levels quite reliably. It helps if the 2 chips are on the same power supply.
I suggest use 0 volts for silence, leaving you 31 phrases to choose between. Use a persistance check to stop the receiver responding to transients.

Regards John F