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The Beeping Clock is a PicAxe 08m2+ microcontroller and a DS1307 time keeping integrated circuit along with the peripheral components required to make the two work together.

Rather than a clock which has hands to tell the time, The Beeping Clock tells you the time, every five minutes by making a series of beeps which give in sequence the Hour 'tens', Hour 'units', Minute 'tens' and Minute 'units'. The beeps are played through a piezo transducer driven by one of the pins of the PicAxe. An LED is connected in parallel with the piezo transducer giving a visual indication simultaneously.

I have uploaded all the documentation I have to the Blog including BASIC code, circuit diagrams, PCB artwork, links to videos of the clock in action and so on, the URL is:




I'm looking for the code for this project, but it doesn't seem to be on the URL indicated?
May I please see it somewhere?

I posted the code in my first blog entry, but with the pictures, videos, instructions and so forth, the actual code ended up on page two of the blog.

You should find the code for the two 'halves' of the clock here:

If you don't want to fit an LCD display, you'll only need one of the 'halves'.
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From what I can recall and the 'guest' label; mkstevo requested their registration for the forum to be deleted. I would guess mkstevo deleted the blog before requesting that so the link now goes nowhere.