AXEtimeter I - model rocket datalogger - part 3


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Links below are the latest version of the code files. I haven't had time to work on this project in a few days. There are a lot of places I can optimize the code, but figured I'd post in case anyone is curious.

New version with some optimizations and the ability to blink out the Supercap voltage (when ALT, TRANS, MEM lit):

View attachment 17012

Old version below:

AXEtimeter-I-v1.0.5A.bas - program for slot 0

AXEtimeter-I-v1.0.5B.bas - program for slot 1

AXEtimeter-I-CFG.basinc - included file in both programs above - sets up constants, variables, pins, etc

AXEtimeter-I-INIT.basinc - only included in slot 0 program - does initial stuff after power on.

AXEtimeter-I-MAIN.basinc - included in both programs - is the menu system

AXEtimeter-I-INT.basinc - included in both programs - is the interrupt routine for the button presses

Need to rename the .basinc files to actually be .basinc (webserver wouldn't allow download of basinc and no access to add the mimetype)