AXE133 code for 18M2 using hardware UART needs no delay between chars up to 9600 baud


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I have modified the RevEd AXE133 code for the 18M2 to use the hardware UART instead of the SERIN software serial command. Running at 32MHz a serial backpack using this code can keep up with serial commands sent up to 9600 baud. It does not need a delay between each character sent, as the code using SERIN does.

There is one exception. The message function (253,x) writes 16 characters to the LCD and the sending program must delay after sending a message command or some transmitted bytes will be lost. My modified AXE133 code takes just about 1ms to process each character so the sending program should delay at least 18ms after each message. (2ms for processing the "253,x" command and 16ms for writing 16 characters to the LCD).