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I have been using the AXE033 happily for some time and decided to 'improve' the display output by adding a degree symbol. The User Manual (V4.3) shows the degree symbol in appendix B as $B2. This however produces another character.

I found from the forums that the actual character is produced by $DF. In the manual this is shown as the infinity symbol :confused:

The User Manual does have some discrepancies (References to appendix 1 & 2, whereas the appendices are actually A & B).

Is there an updated version of the manual and where can I find a correct character set?


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Is there an updated version of the manual and where can I find a correct character set?
The character set does not vary depending on the AXE033 but it depends on what character set is provided by the LCD manufacturer.

LCD displays only have one character set but Winstar OLEDs have four. The four character sets on the OLED are the four most common ones for LCDs so your LCD will have one of the four character sets the OLED has. Click here for OLED datasheet. By testing a few characters, you can determine which character set you have.

Powertip LCDs tend to have the Western European II character set so if you have a Powertip LCD, it'll likely have that set.

Addition: When checking character sets, use characters that are unique to a character set (e.g. the funny 'X' thing in the top right corner of the Western European II character set) - NOTE that some characters including the funny X thing are designed for 5x11 pixel LCDs so don't be alarmed if you see a funny 'Y' thing on the LCD instead or the bottom of another character you try is cut off.

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I think I have just found the answer. I followed the link from the online AXE033 user manual to the LED008 manual which has a second character table for the Elec and Eltek modules. This shows $DF as the degree symbol.

I failed to find reference to this manual after a hour of Google searching the forums.

Can I suggest the LED008 manual is added to the 'Resources' tab under the relevant LCD 'Add-on Modules' in the product section of the main site?