Axe027 cable and or (download cable)programming error

Greg G.

New Member
I have a Windows 8 (Toshiba) lap top that I'm trying to program a project with. The program is written, syntax okay, and the simulator works. When I try to program my module, I get and error that says: "Cant open Com port 1" I've tried to download the AXE027 download cable software but I'm not sure I have done that correctly either. When I plug the cabe into either of the three USB ports, i get a sound from the speakers but nothing on the screen to acknowledge a cable. Its like this computer just doesn't recognize it. This cable was originally used with a MacBook computer and I've programmed 30 plus projects with it.


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If you plug the cable in and get the 'ding', try PE 'Refresh COM ports' in the left-hand menu.

If the drivers are working, the 'loop-back test can be used to check the cable.