Automotive sensor/actuator tester and simulator


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Hi m8's. It's been a while since my last post. Today Im here to share with you my last picaxe project, it will be (i hope) a car eletronic components tester and simulator. As a automotive eletrician, i struggle everyday with diagnosing faults on eletronic sensors, actuators and actuators with sensors fitted to provide feedback to eletronic control units. Almost everyday i have to grab my handheld oscilloscope or my 08m2 picaxe based scrapbuild "tools".
My idea was to put all this "tools" together inside a plastic box and use a 20x4 OLED display and some bottons... The project begin but the picaxe memory ended due to HMI coding... Result: project halted...
Some time later i stumped with a software called serialcominstruments4, it was a PC software that simplifies my HMI interface by using a laptop. The problem as that the software as incomplete, it was been abandoned and part of the software was in german, my native language is Portuguese i deal well with English, but i don't understand german... Then i stumped with NEXTION and after some picaxe forum search about it. I risked in order a 7" enhanced lcd. That was best decision i made, its pretty simple to interface with picaxe serial, and i give me a powerfull graphics and interface, tottaly personalizable.
As i need to use lots of code to make a 0hz to 255khz pwm generator i use instead a xy-pwm generator board it is controlled by simple serial commands and saves me lot of space ...and time.
As soon as i can, i will update this post with more description.
By now i leave the links to youtube with my projects.

First prototype

Getting used to NEXTION

Last video update

Some spare time making mods on my Vitara dashboard