Automatically step-into source line?


I have finally purchased a Picaxe VSM licence, and I'm very happy with it (excellent value for money).

I have a question with regards to debugging and stepping-into code...

I understand that I can manage this manually by clicking on the relevant 'step' and 'running man' icons, but I am wondering if it is possible to get the program to 'step-into source-line' automatically whilst I watch the code being executed (preferably in slow-motion, say, one step per second). To put it another way, is there an alternative to me manually clicking on the 'step-into source-line' button in the debug window? I have had a look in the tutorial PDFs, but can't find anything (or perhaps I missed it).

With regards to the documentation, I have downloaded the 5 VSM tutorial PDFs provided on the VSM software web page. Is this all the documentation, or is there more available?

Thanks in advance.


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I don't have VSM, but perhaps it's a matter of searching the documentation for the right term. Have you searched for "break point"?


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You need to add a breakpoint or simply start the simulation in setp mode (via the 'step' button bottom left instead of the 'run' button).
Every time you click step it will move forward one step, there is no 'automatic' method of stepping.

All the ISIS Help files in the Help menu also apply to PICAXE VSM (VSM is a special build 'educational' version of ISIS).


Thanks for your response. I now understand that there is no automatic step-into option. I imagined that I had seen it, but I must have thinking of the simulator in the Picaxe editor.

I'll be having a look for keyboard shortcuts for the debugging icons; I gather there is some method of assigning keys, but I haven't tried it yet. I'll probably also implement my own method of automating the step-in process using something like AutoIT.

Also, thanks for the pointer to the built-in help files.