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Is there a simple way to display a sign bit as + or - relative to a ?x variable being at 0 or 1 state. I can do it with a a grapghic image but that will not match text size at differing resolutions?

Have I missed the obvious?


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No obvious way we can think of.

However we are aware of people who have done some clever colour coding, by incorporating the 0 or 1 as part of the font color tag. You can then temporarily make parts of text 'invisible' by matching the background colour...
You can use Javascript to get your browser to dynamically generate bits of the page as it is rendered onto the screen. So I think you can use the following snippet to do what you want.
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript">

In reply to your second question, the PNS knows nothing about Javascript - only the browser does. So you just have to know how to make Javascript do what you want to the browser - there are zillions of online tutorials for this, just search for "Javascript tutorial" and pick one you fancy. Type the script into your htm/cgi pages and the PNS will just send it back like any other text.