Anyone Used Stone Displays?


Been reading bits on the Nextion display and watching videos on youtube as you do, have known about the nextion display for a while but happened to stumble across Stone HMI's, similar setup to the Nextion as in has a PC editor for making the GUI up and a serial connection. Has anyone used them at all?

They look to cost more than the Nextions but wonder if any better?


I have 3 commercial products using Nextion displays and have purchased around 100 so far....always looking for alternatives as they have some drawbacks, and never heard of STONE before....there's a bit of info in the thread at
...which doesn't have any firm conclusions, but I see that it notes the difficulty in buying them (as of a few months ago), the price, and the difficulty of running, and the bugginess of, the development software


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I have found the nextion to be a good versitile machine the editor is fairly easy too use, looked at the Stone website seems there are quite alot of hoops to jump through.
The new nextions have the ability to play videos avalable in 7 and 10 inch. With a good design package like inkscape (freewear) you can get some
supper looking screens, the interface connection with the picaxe works flawlessly to the point where you can alter picaxe variables default values with ease via the nextion.
Ample videos on youtube for nextion royal newbury does alot thou his delivery is a bit fragmented you can with patience work out what he's getting at


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For 50€, you find a 10" Archos tablet on black market, with BT and WiFi. With App Inventor and a HC05 on your picaxe, you get a Rolls...
(A Sony Xperia E4G for 40 € ... )


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These are 4 of the 8 pages created with inkscape (useing the LST editor) but you can use photos as your backdrops, the new editor has some very good new features pages fading in and out ability to play videos if you get the new intelligent range

image of the password protection
image of the date time to alter the ds1307 or other RTC
image of altering the picaxes default variables
image of results from the attached sensors

Hi PieM do you have any more info on the attaching the Archos to the picaxe