AEG Washing Machine Controller


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Put this in my blog but not sure how much eye traffic moves through there... :)

This old AEG had a sticky rotary, multi contact controller which was just too expensive to replace and anyway I always wanted to make my first micro project all about taking on this washing machine.

I never liked the actual wash timing and so have now ultimate control over all aspects of the wash cycle. Never messed with the motor speed controller (the TDA chip, why reinvent the wheel). I just control the relevant speeds and direction of the motor via relay control.

Hopefully this will inspire others to do some crazy stuff like this!


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Where is your actual Picaxe board?

How did you figure the timing circuitry from rotary controller switch?


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hi Fernando, still getting up to speed with this forum. I see only 2 pics (attachments) per post allowed.

Here is the pixaxe board...I used the CHI030 Darlington driver board which worked a treat. Using 5V relays in banks of four. I had to ensure that I had a big enough 5V supply as with all relays driven current was approaching an amp.

OLED 16x2 display and some display LEDS and three pushbuttons on the front.

I spent a lot of time analysing the contacts and the switching on the old board especially around controlling the motor speed and direction.

After much observing the operation of the washing machine I plugged in timings modified to suit my requirements.

The main wash program allows for 12 minutes for the wash cycle, with water in and the water agitation of 9 seconds on and 1 second off, then reverse motor and repeat.

Rinse is broken down onto three cycles of 5 minutes each. Water in, agitation, water out. I allow for a soap out spin after one rinse.

Then spin time at 800RPM is 4 minutes.

I will include the OLED driver in the next post.
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My two ₹ on the subject:
I ignore how much humidity is present in the vicinity, but the electronic boards used in washing appliances I've seen, all are conformally coated.