Absolute tabs?


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In my old mechanical typewriter, tabs were fixed at absolute positions. It didn't matter if you erased some text to the left of the tab, it always stayed in the same place.

I'd love to see a mode in the Programming Editor that would recognize the " ' " mark, and consider them absolute tabs; even if I change the programming portion of the line. This would keep things neater, and not require me to reformat the comments. Of course if I was smarter, I wouldn't need to edit the program so much. :rolleyes:

I did look through the editor options menu, but did not see anything that looked like what I'm wanting to do.

thanks for a much nicer editor,


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Tom, I begged for this feature a long time ago, but was told it wasn't possible to perform in a "character" style editor.

Seems like I spend an inordinate amount of time realigning the remarks in my programs.

For a program that has so many features to format a program's sections & commands & files it seems that we could have a simple "REMARK-TAB" key to put the remarks where we want them on a line.

PS. NOT complaining; JUST wishing <GRIN>