A Wizard's staff has a knob on the end...


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I recently painted up a wizard I had bought from a wargaming supplier; to make him more in keeping with the Discworld theme of my model railway layout, I gave him a hat, removed his sword, and added some glitter to both robe and hat.

I then wondered if I could replace the knob on the end of his staff with a flashing LED. I found a suitable transparent bead in my daughter's craft supplies - the hole through the middle was sufficient to take a pre-wired SMD white LED, so I removed (white metal) knob and drilled a hole down the staff (it comes out just below his hand).

The flasher could not be simpler - most of the components are power supply - the 08M2+ does all the work.

There is a video here Youtube video of wizards staff

The code is simple: The LED brightness is ramped up quickly then dies down more slowly. The flashes occur at pseudo-random intervals of up to 65 seconds.

; 20210320
; program to make the knob on the end of the wizards staff
; flash
; rev 2 shorten turn-on time

; to use the 08M2 chip

symbol dutycycle = b0
symbol offsetcounter = b1 ;offset counter for getting array contents via lookup
symbol CntDly = w4 ; a word variable for random delay
symbol ModulatorOutput = C.2

pwmout pwmdiv64, ModulatorOutput, 63, 0 ; set up PWM channel and set it off
dutycycle = 0 ; initialise duty cycle variable
CntDly = 1234 ;initialise random variable

main: ;main loop
gosub ledflash
random CntDly
pause CntDly ;pause for up to 65 sec

goto main


;subroutine for flashing the led
; the array in the lookup line is used to change the brightness of the LED
; it goes from off to half brightness, then full (255) then decays away to
; off after which the subroutine returns


for offsetcounter = 0 to 11
lookup offsetCounter, (127,255,170,113,75,50,33,22,14,10,6,0), dutycycle
pwmduty ModulatorOutput, dutyCycle
pause 40 ; pause for 40 mS
next offsetcounter

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That is a very nice effect you got there! I really like how the ledflash routine works. Never though of pulsing an LED like that.


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hnorwood's Angst-Lesspork link is well worth following. Brilliant work. I hadn't visited in a few years.


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Thank you! The layout hasn't been out since November 2019 as all the model railway exhibitions were cancelled at the start of the "inconvenience". However things are looking up - hope to be out soon...