A PICAXE 24VDC Electric Scooter


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Hello Fellow PICAXE Enthusiasts,

I’ve posted a link to my PICAXE-08M electric scooter project many months ago but I thought I’d post it again. In trying to comply with new local electric scooter laws here in Australia I’ve installed a horn/buzzer and 8 high intensity white LED’s on he front and 3 high intensity red LED’s on the back. Other then that, I’m trying to package up the battery charger bits and pieces properly into something more presentable but I’m having a bit of a procrastination problem at this time! Possibly some newer photos to follow soon. IT'S HERE

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Wow, that is a very good looking project. Your construction and design skills show through very well. Sounds like a change of ratio on the chain drive would get you the speed increase you seek.

Let us know about futher progress.

Good luck and 73s

Lefty (WA6TKD)