9-Gram Continuous Rotation Servos


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I had high hopes for Feetech's CR 9-Gram servo, but for control it pales in comparison to a cheap CR-modified HXT900 from Hobby King. Here's my comparison:

I modified a second HXT900 and was pleasantly surprised how well matched they were, especially since there was no pot to null. Each pot was replaced by a pair of 100K fixed resistors.

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erco...I want to modify an HXT900 for continuous rotation and use on a small robot platform ("PlyBot" described in Robot Builders Bonanza). What do you use for wheels to fit onto the HXT900? Thank you, JimS


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HTH, I really like those wheels and want to buy lots more. I found a Chinese Ebay seller with similar/copycat wheels, will advise if they are good quality after I get them.