7Segment Display


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A 7 segment display in a trial circuit has the schematic model MODFILE=7SEGCOMA but no packaging, which I suspect means it has no pcb footprint.

The ISIS tutorial advised this can be developed using the Visual Packaging Tool and checking the 'Use ARES Libraries' button to select a suitable print. However this feature is ghosted out. The drop down menu Tools/Netlist to ARES is of no use.

How does one enable ARES to make the box 'Use ARES Libraries' active in this Packaging Tool, in the licenced version of Picaxe VSM?


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You can only use ARES features if you have also purchased the ARES pcb software itself.

Is the question - how do I add a pcb footprint to this part for a different PCB netlist?

If so, this is very easy. Simply right click over the part and select Edit Properties. Check the 'edit all properties as text' box and then add the following line

(replacing 'DIL18' with whatever you want your footprint to be called).

To edit pin allocations - right click over part>packaging tool
To save to library - right click over part>make device


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Thanks Technical for the response.

Followed your suggestions but still unable to throw up a footprint in the Packaging Tool.

I'm floundering with the modifying of symbols or making new ones. I submitted a NDA to Labcenter some time ago regarding the VSM SDK listed in the Help menu but nothing has been offered.

I guess I had best leave component symbols aside until I've logged more experience with VSM as it stands.