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this is a message for hippy, can you please tell me where to connect 7 segment display on pcb and can give me its program as well.pease give me your website so that i can seek help from there as well.


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Dear saluja,

I am sorry, but I currently have no idea how to connect the seven segment display as you seek to do.

I am a little unclear as to what you are actually trying to do, and apologise for not being able to understand your question fully. If you could provide some further information as to exactly what you are trying to do, I, and others, may be able to offer some more useful advice.

There are a number of ways to wire up a seven segment display to a PICAXE ...

Directly, driving each segment separately. That would not be applicable to a PICAXE-08 because it will not have enough I/O lines to do that.

Through some interface logic. That could be a counter, one or more latches, or by using a shift register.

How it would be wired up would depend upon what mechanism you wished to use, the type of PICAXE you have, how many I/O lines you wish to allocate to the interfacing, and what you need to display.

Any connections to a PICAXE PCB would depend upon which interfacing mechanism is chosen and which PCB is being used.

The PICAXE Manual 3 - Electrical Interfacing - Shows a number of ways in which a seven segment display can be used with a PICAXE which may be of some help.

The PICAXE information on my web site can be found at ...


but I don't have any information on wiring up seven segment displays as such, except for some PICAXE-18/18X example code which can be found at ...


If you could explain a little more fully what it is that you are hoping to achieve or need to do, then I am sure the forum members will be able to help you with more specific issues.