40X2 Release

Hello all. I am new to electronics/microcontrollers and have decided to make a led array clock like this one found at thinkgeek. Anywho, I have written all the code necessary, but have run out of output pins. (I need a total of 27) The 40X1 doesn't support this many, but from the manual, the 40X2 will. Is there any official release date on this?


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No release date on the 40X2, but you could drive the LED's using hardware which would be no more complex and have its own advantages. You may even be able to use a far cheaper, smaller PICAXE ( an 08 should do it ) so the overall cost is no more, perhaps less.

The M5450 would be an ideal candidate, allowing up to 34 Leds to be driven using just a few pins. It's not multiplexed so doesn't have to be continuously updated, only every second when the display changes.

Unfortunately Rapid Electronics in the UK seem to have stopped stocking the M5450 ... unless anyone knows otherwise :-(
Thanks hippy, I will look into that. I looked at the charlieplexing a little, but it seemed like it would be pretty confusing to code for and provide more areas to screw up on.
Thanks for the info hippy! I finished all the coding for it yesterday, and it wasn't that hard, after reading through the manuals. I can't wait until I actually have parts to test on though. :rolleyes: