40X1 - TQFP Surface Mount format


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I note that Techsupplies has the 40X1 in a QFP surface mount package. However, the Picaxe manual only lists pin-outs for the 40-pin DIP version. The packaging info in the Microchip datasheet (PIC16F887) lists all the pins, but I'm having some difficulty translating Microchip pin names to Picaxe pin names.

Is there anything from Rev-Ed describing the pin names for certain? I'm loathe to guess.

(Also, 7 ADCs in about the same footprint as a 28X1 SMT, I like it!)


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Ah, knowing where it starts helps. I think I can decode the rest and spot the four unused pins. Thanks.

It'd still be handy to have this listed in the pin-outs in the manual though.


Happymotion, yes, absolutely.

Can you generate a page in the same format as the current manual and pdf it?
Post a copy and send a copy to Rev-Ed to remind them to include it in the manual :)

I always bang on about Data Sheets but it's odd selling a product for which there appears to be no Data Sheet available. Or, apparently, not easily available.


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I could, but I'd rather test my guesses at what each pin is before sending it out to the wide world. So, another order to Techsupplies, as none of the NZ (or Oz) stockists seem to have that particular chip.