20X2 HPWM 'half' workarounds?


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Just wondering if there are any workarounds yet for the non-functioning HPWM half mode. It sure is a versatile chip and I would like to use it for
driving half-bridge circuits for both SMPS and motor control.


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#Picaxe 20X2

' Outputs on C.5 (HPWMA) and C.4 (HPWMB)

PokeSfr $B9, %00001111

HPwm PWMHALF, PWMHHHH, 10, 199, 400 ' 10kHz at 8MHz

PeekSfr $BD, b0
b0 = b0 | %10000000
PokeSfr $BD, b0

Do : Loop



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Right On

Thank you kind Sir. This works great. I have it hooked up to my scope and with a value of 10 the deadband is about 4 microseconds. Hooray for Picaxe tech support! :)