20X2 Backlit Picture Frame with clock, Indoor/Outdoor Temp and Humidity on 20X4 LCD

Ever since Marks published this excellent project some time ago


I've had the idea for a backlit picture frame/clock/weather station for my basement bar. Having had quite a bit of time off over the holidays, I've decided to implement this project. Full disclosure must go to Marks for the excellent code, DS18B20 examples and initial concept.

The picture frame uses two CREE RGB led's controlled via HPWM mode, and a 12V LED strip turned on/off (via transistor) by a single picaxe pin. The white LED's illuminate the center of the photo while the RGB led's illuminate the backround sky in the photo. The goal here is to have different "moods" of the photo depending on the time of day.
Initially, I was under the impression that using HPWM in single mode I could control each of the four channels (ABCD) independently, with a different duty cycle for each giving me any color I wanted. After carefully reading the picaxe manual, I found out (after my board was fabricated) that this is not the case. So I can only blend one or more of the three colors, and vary the levels of all of them equally.

I've also incorporated the Sure temperature and humidity modules (found on eBay of course) to display indoor temp and humidity while using the DS18B20 to display outdoor temperature. The main screen displays date, time, day, indoor temperature and outdoor temperature min/max. Every 20 seconds, the screen changes to display indoor humidity and outdoor temperature. The sky color in the photo changes from red-green (morning) to blue (afternoon) , to red-blue (evening) depending on the time of day. The white LED strip is connected to 12V directly and switched on/off via pin B.2.View attachment 13216View attachment 13217

I've done a poor job of hacking Marks' original code, but it does actually perform to my liking. I did have the main circuit board fabricated through Sparkfun Batch PCB here in the states. Below, I've posted some photos of the finished unit as well as schematics and a video too on YouTube.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R1RBm9m_xQ&feature=youtu.be

I do have some extra circuit boards which I will sell at my cost if anyone is interested.

Note: Apparently I can only add two files to this post. So, I'll attach schematics in a new post.

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